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Needs Analysis

Just a few question will guide you to the best benefits and uses of a reverse mortgage.


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Reverse Mortgage Analysis

Reverse Mortgage & Your Future

Use the proceeds to maintain your lifestyle ... pay for in-home care ... buy long term care insurance ...
retire debts ... pursue new interests! Gain the means to say "no thank you" to a nursing home or the
burden of living with relatives!reverse mortgage BBB Rating

No income or credit requirements.
• No monthly payments while you live in your home.
Flexibility in how you get payments.
• Qualify even if you have a mortgage.

Reverse Mortgage Lenders - Approved Institutions

Our advisors will help you get competitive quotes for the highest proceeds.

We work directly with several lenders, big names you know and trust, to look for the best reverse
mortgage for your situation:

• Maximum proceeds
Least servicing fees
• Fastest turnaround time

As independent experts, we work in YOUR interest, assuring you of greater choice than if you went
directly to any lender by yourself.

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Before you can complete a reverse mortgage application with any lender, the law requires
you to participate
in a consumer information session given by an approved HECM counselor.

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How to Start the Reverse Mortgage Process

Once you have completed your HECM informational session, we can begin your application. Simply call or email us to discuss the best equity distribution options for your personal retirement plan.

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Documents You Need to Prepare

• HECM Counseling Certificate
• Photo ID – Driver's License or State ID or Passport
• Social Security Card or Medicare Card
• Homeowners Insurance Policy